RachelI was born and raised in the home of a Southern Baptist preacher in Smalltown, Maryland. My parents raised me and my four siblings with a solid faith and a strong moral compass. I spent most of my childhood surrounded by like-minded peers and moderate adults and I stood pretty firm in my faith. I even went to a small formerly faith-based college – for one semester.

After transferring colleges, my world started to open up more. I met people from many different walks of life with greatly varying beliefs. This, naturally, led me to question my own faith. And I did. I looked at different religions and practices and put into question the things I had so easily believed my entire life. I think it was a necessary step for me to fully commit to Jesus Christ.

During and after college I went off to explore the world. I was not setting out to share Jesus with the world and, unfortunately, that’s not what I did. I was out to serve me. I wanted to see the world for myself. I was looking for freedom and liberation. I am proud to say that before the age of twenty-five I had five continents under my belt. And travel, in so many ways, taught me to know myself and rely so much more fully on my own strength and ability. And in the midst of all my self-revelations I found a handsome Nigerian man and fell in love.

It is through my husband that my faith started to open up in a whole new way. I thought I had a full faith life and the more I learn it’s like that cavern of need for all things Christ grows larger. We currently attend a Word of Faith church in the Atlanta area. I have been filled with the Holy Ghost, I pray in tongues, I raise my hands in worship, and shout during sermons. Things I never would have dreamed of doing at my father’s church. But my faith is stronger for it. My relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father is stronger for it. And my relationship with the Holy Spirit is growing daily.

My prayer is that you will find something in my writings that connects with you. Maybe it’s something you’ve been through and now you know you’re not alone. Maybe it’s something you never understood and my words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, help shed light. Maybe it will completely rock the way you view your faith. Whatever connects you, thank you for your faith and love and willingness to listen.