This is for my brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who know where their Bible is currently located. Those who strive to have consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Those who make every effort to be in the house of God, to learn, to grow, to serve. This is your time.

The world is in chaos. People have literally locked themselves in their homes to shield against an unseen adversary. Fear has unleashed itself in a new way, blasting its insidious ideology from every screen and speaker in your home. Everyday people are getting into fights in toilet paper aisles across the United States. People are hoarding and stockpiling supplies in preparation for some sort of apocalypse. 

And as a child of God, it’s difficult to be in this world where people are panicking at every turn and not get swept up in the storm of fear raining down on the entire world. But now is the time, sons and daughters of the creator of the universe. Now is the time to dig deep into your faith and walk in confidence and without fear. Now is the time to boldly proclaim your faith in a new way. Now is the time to be the light in the darkness and the shelter in the storm. People are looking for the light and the truth. They are seeking peace and we have it – and it is our duty to share the wealth of Christ’s love and sacrifice.

Church buildings may be closed right now, but those are just buildings and the church – I’m talking about you – is stronger than ever. And we live in this amazing time of life where you can reach millions of people all over the world from your living room. You don’t even have to shower or get dressed. And, church, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s time.

It’s time for you to rise up. Post that scripture on social media. Engage in conversations over e-mail or text or phone calls about their faith walk. Check in with those you love. Make sure that if something were to take them out of this world, that they know where they’re going to wake up. Make sure that they know while they’re on this earth that there is peace and joy and power available to them that will get them through all circumstances. Make sure they know that if you suddenly disappear along with thousands of other people, it’s because the rapture has come and they better open up that Bible you gave them before it’s too late.

This isn’t the time for you to hide. Don’t keep quiet. Don’t worry about stepping on peoples toes or being politically correct. It is time for you to stand up and boldly proclaim the truth which is that Jesus is the ONLY way to spend eternity in Heaven and it is only possible because of his death on the cross. 

Stand up, friends! Shout his love and his peace from the rooftops!


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