Have you ever given that response as a reason for doing something? You either encounter people thinking that you are so in touch with God or thinking you are a little out there. Do you choose who gets that answer and who gets a response like, “It’s what I needed to do” or “It just felt right”? Maybe you’re not sure how the other person is going to respond. You don’t know their faith walk or their spiritual beliefs.

My family recently moved to a new city in a new state simply because God told us to move here. We didn’t hear an audible voice or have a vision, we just knew, deep within our spirits, that this is the place God wanted us to be. But even then, I felt unsure. We knew this city. We had friends here. Maybe we just wanted to move to this city. So I started praying for confirmation. And confirmation came. It came in a prophecy from one friend and a dream from another. It came in the form of answered prayer regarding employment. I mean, supernatural, very specific answered prayer. Even after moving, confirmation has continued to come in so many forms.

And now we’re here, in our new city, and people keep asking, “Why did you move here?” Initially I boldly told people, “God told us to move here.” I saw their responses. The questioning looks, the skeptical nod, the clear indication that it seemed a little beyond their beliefs – even from some fellow believers. So I started adjusting my response depending on the audience.

Recently, when giving one of my generic responses I got a check in my spirit. As if the Holy Spirit was suggesting that I wasn’t being true to Him, to the work He had done and was doing and was going to do in my family in this new city. Like I made the decision all on my own and our lives were reaping this amazing harvest because of my great intuition to move here.

I repented. And now I’m here, boldly telling everyone that cares to listen (or read), that we moved because of God. And all of the amazing things that are going to happen in this city will be a direct result of the leading of the Holy Spirit and our obedience to Him.

My husband stepped out in faith and gave us a deadline to move to this new city. We had been hearing from the Holy Spirit for over a year before we moved, but despite receiving confirmations, nothing seemed to be coming together. My husband was applying for countless jobs with no offers coming. After almost a year, my husband declared we were moving in six weeks. Six weeks!!

Six weeks to pack our whole house – complete with two toddlers. Six weeks to find a place to live in our new city. Six weeks until we may have no income. Six weeks to say goodbye to the last four years of our lives. Six weeks.

But in those six weeks, I got a job offer. My husband’s job offered to let him work remotely, we found an amazing townhouse to rent in a highly desirable neighborhood and it had been on the market so long we were able to negotiate a lower rent! My part-time employer agreed to keep me on remotely.

After we moved, we found the sweetest, most spirit-filled preschool program for our children. Even though it was “too late” and all the “good schools” were full. I got an even better job offer and love my new job. We have jumped, head first, into ministry opportunities and are receiving all that God has for us.

We have already found this beautiful community of warm, loving, like-minded souls to share this life with – almost effortlessly.

Daily, I can feel myself radiating with joy for all that God is doing in our lives. My husband even said to me the other day that I had been glowing lately! And I am! I am glowing with the joy of the Lord! I can’t contain my gratitude and love for Him!

And all because I did what “God told me to.”

So, I encourage you today, if God is telling you to do something and you’re delaying action out of fear – just jump! You have no idea what God may have for you!


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