I’ve said it a thousand times, “An hour a day, keeps the psychiatrist away.” As a mother of three children under the age of 10, a wife to an entrepreneur aka MY BOSS, the founder of a non-profit organization, and a traveling minister it can get pretty hectic. The same is true for you. Our lives are BUSY to the umpteenth power.

As mothers, or soon to be mothers, the demand on us to meet everyone’s needs is exponential. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is beautiful….similar to dancing behind a cluster of butterflies in a field of daisies whilst sipping on pink lemonade, but the real truth is, moms are often last. Last to eat, last to shower, last to shop for herself, last to shave her legs, last to pluck her eyebrows….you get my drift.

Here are 7 easy steps to help bring you back into some state of normalcy and much needed mommy time outs:

  1. Set aside one hour a day.
    One hour to yourself each day sounds like a lot, but it’s the perfect amount of time for you to be able to reflect and invest in your well-being. Realistically, your mommy time out will probably have to be before your babies wake up or after bedtime. The key is to enjoy a genuine mommy time out where it’s just you!
  2. Bedtime is sacred.
    If your kids moan and groan when you tell them it’s bedtime like mine do, just consider it music to your mommy ears. Having your sweet offspring in bed at the same time each day ensures you get some alone time. Whether that alone time is to catch up on work, have a romantic stay-at-home date with your spouse, clean up, or just have a cup of tea, bedtime is sacred.
  3. Revive your hobbies.Finding Time For You
    Love to draw? Paint? Write? The Internet has brought forth a world of opportunities, communities and outlets for people to express themselves. Go ask Mr. Google to find you some communities that focus on your hobby and join! You won’t regret the chance to develop your hobby at home and then learn and express that talent to others in your community.My hobby is music, I thrive as a mother the more creative and expressive I am as a musician. Stay inspired by whatever jives your mind and gets your blood pumping. Live your best life creating and expressing and not only will your mommy hood be more enjoyable, but your kids will be inspired to do the same.
  4. Turn the TV off!
    I know….miss TGIT, HGTV or TLC?! I’ve lost my mind, right? The truth is while TV is a relaxing pastime, it doesn’t optimize your time. Instead, take that time you would spend watching a Netflix marathon of Once Upon a Time and instead research one of your desired vacation spots and find deals to plan your next getaway. You can read up/research ideas for your next book. Or, just read a book. Find something to do that will result in your progress. Watching TV is great and all, but it doesn’t develop YOU. A personal rule I created for myself is Reach 3, Give 3. I set a 3 month deadline to fulfill 3 goals and then give away 3 items or gifts. It’s super rewarding.For example, here was my last Reach 3, Give 3:

    1. Go to the gym once a week
    2. Surprise my honey with a local overnight trip just for the two of us
    3. Read one story book a day to my kids


    1. Volunteer one day a week at my kids’ school for 2 hours
    2. Give away free groceries to a family in need
    3. Babysit a friend’s kiddos so she can have a night off

    Turning off the TV can help you redirect that time on something that will develop and fulfill you.

  5. Get enough sleep.
    Sleep is paramount to getting time for yourself. When your body is rested you’re more likely to wake up early and have some alone time before the rest of the family wakes up.
  6. Organize your closets, drawers and cabinets.
    Ok….disclaimer! I do not always have my closets, drawers and cabinets organized, however if you take one room a week and organize/label it to the tee, you will be more likely to have time for yourself. How’s that? I’m so glad you asked! Keeping your house organized means you know where to find things and you save money by not having to buy something you already had but couldn’t find. You can make de-cluttering/organizing a game or implement a reward system with your kids to help keep everything in its place. Tell your kids you’re going to give away items/toys/clothes that are no longer needed and give it away to a secondhand so another family can enjoy them.
  7. Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!
    If you’re not a type A person like me, this step can be a little challenging. Take your phone calendar or whatever your prefer and fill that calendar like your Cheesecake Factory New York Style slice of cheesecake depended on it. Set reminders and fight the urge to not live by that schedule. Block out time for paying bills, carpool, kids’ sports and music practice, and so on. Then designate each day of the week for a different task. After you’ve taken the time to do it once, you’ll have a daily schedule that includes your wake up time, bed time, and most importantly YOU time! Your kids will thank you too!
    Statistics show that children who live by schedules are better behaved throughout the day. Children thrive when there is structure. Like adults, a structured schedule gives children security and hopefully cuts down on melt-downs when they can anticipate what is going to happen next. Time is precious. It’s the only investment in our kids’ lives that matters and once it passes, we can’t get it back! If you’re like I was, you may be thinking, “I’m not that organized” or “I don’t  have time to do all that” or “I’m just a hoarder/disorganized/scatter brained and I always will be.” That can all change, my friend! The truth is we make time for what we truly care about. You are worth these changes because you and your family will benefit from a happy, sane mommy.

Do what works for you! But like anything else, whatever you feed grows and what you starve will die. Feed you self-worth and your self being, you’ll never look back and regret it and your family will thank you for having a happy mamma at home!

Check out one of my favorite mom inspirations online to help improve your mommy life: Allie Casazza. I actually took her de-cluttering course online and it literally revolutionized my mommy life and I got so much more time to spend on what I really love: my family!


One Comment on “Finding Time For You: 7 Easy Time Management Steps to Ensure Mommy Time-Outs

  1. Such excellent reminders! I always get on a schedule bandwagon, fall off, get back on, rinse, repeat… before the holidays get kicked off is a great time to sit down and make that schedule again!



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