It’s a soft morning. Outside my window the sun is beaming boldly with soft edges. The sky is light blue, marked by gentle clouds. And even though I’m looking over a parking lot and at other apartments, the world feels still. The stillness out there makes our world here in our apartment seem all the more lively. The squealing baby, whistling kettle, snoring husband. The bold colors of the activity mat, bright glow of the computer screen, and melodic tones of Pandora. Everything around me seems to ooze fullness and life.

WindowMaybe that’s how we are meant to be in this world. Our inner man, our spirit should be our focus. It should be where we find our vibrancy , our strength, our purpose. Instead of focusing on the world outside the window, we should look within. Because, ultimately, it’s what we find within that we’ll carry with us. Beyond the parking lots or the sandy beaches or the shopping malls. Rather than worrying about what we see when we look out the window or even what the world sees when they look at the window, we should be concerned with what we see when we look into the window.  What the world sees when they look into the window. And what God sees when he looks at us.

Is my spirit vibrant? Bustling with life and drive? Is it full of love and kindness and compassion? Does it look like Christ? Does the world see Christ? Do see Christ?

This year I want to work out my inner man (maybe along with my outer). But, ultimately, this body will pass away and the spirit will remain. Build up your spirit, revive your inner self and look out your window into softness.



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