In the Christian community we have a language. As a Christian you might not realize that you have your own language, but you do. And it becomes very apparent when you’re conversing with someone outside of your faith. And, like all proper languages, there are different dialects. It varies based on your denomination or your church or even your geographic location. But there are some phrases that seem to transcend dialects. One that most, both Christians and non-Christians alike, are familiar with would be: God is in control. You can find it on bumper stickers, church signs, t-shirts, social media memes. I think it’s a phrase that nearly every Christian has used at one point or another, including me. But now I must question, is He?

God is not in Control

Before you get all hot and bothered, hear me out. I’m not questioning the existence of God. This is not an existential conversation. I worship my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ, my Savior. But let’s get real. If you are telling someone who doesn’t share your faith that your God is in control, then why would they want to come to your church? Terrible, awful, heartbreaking atrocities are happening every day in this world. Ebola has taken out almost 8,500 people, Boko Haram just decimated an entire city killing an estimated 2,000 people (mostly women, children, and elderly), and in 2014 alone an estimated 2,000 teenagers committed suicide. And I don’t see God, my God, in any of that. So, if I were a non-Christian and you told me that God was in control of this world, I would question your sanity to worship a god that is in control of these tragedies.

The hard truth is that God isn’t in control of this world. The earth is man’s domain and man is easily drawn into traps set by Satan. God can move in this world, on earth, and God defeats Satan, but God did this crazy thing when he made Adam and gave us free will. And Adam, as the old saying goes, literally sold his soul, and everything under his dominion, to Satan.

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
2 Corinthians 4:4

That god is not God, it’s Satan. He’s the god of this world. Those tragedies that are occurring are not the work of God. They are the work of the devil acting through people. Just as we can yield to God’s will, mankind can also yield to the will of Satan. So, please stop telling people God is in control. You’re fooling yourself if you believe that’s true. But there is hope.

Matthew 7:7

God has given his children the power of prayer. Prayer is such an awesome gift that we’ve been given. Prayer is how God operates in this world. We must ask in order for God to move. And not only must we send up the petition, we must declare that we have received the answers to our prayers. Not when we actually experience the answer, but as soon as we’ve made our request known. Declare earnestly that your prayer has been answered and let God work.

Kenneth Hagin deftly compared prayer to a car key. If I go to my car without my key, I can’t get much done. But as soon as I pick up my key, I have faith that I can get into my car and start my car and go where I need to go. Prayer is our car key. And surely we can have as much faith in our covenant with our Lord in Heaven as a simple car key.

So, I implore you, my family through Christ Jesus, to pray. Pray for your own life, for your family, for your city, for your country, for your leaders, for the world. Pray so that God can have some control in this world. And believe. Prayer without belief is like a broken parachute. You can strap it on your back, but it won’t have the ability to save you. Pray. Believe. Declare. And watch God move.



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